#Zzzquil #SleepLover

2 Jul

I am a verified, certified sleeper. I love to sleep. I love to nap. I look forward to sleep as soon as I have to wake up. So it was extremely frustrating when, over the past few weeks, I found myself waking up every two hours, on the hour, and taking at least 20 minutes to fall back to sleep. I was tired, I was groggy, and I was irritable. I needed something to help.

I went to my doctor and she prescribed a sleep aid. Unfortunately, it was a not so good experience. Don’t gt me wrong, I definitely slept through the night. But I discovered that I could not breathe through my nose (a side effect of the medicine), I was so dizzy I could barely walk, and I was still tired! So tired that it almost impossible to function.

So when I received an email saying that I would be getting a sample of Zzzquil in the mail from Influenster for testing purposes, I knew that my hopes had been answered! Zzzquil is non-habit forming, which is something that I wanted in a sleep aid. It’s not for pain, it’s just for sleep, and it helps you to fall asleep in less than 20 minutes (yay!) I woke feeling refreshed, not groggy, and I could definitely walk straight. Also, I could breathe through my nose, so that was a huge plus!

Make sure, however, that if you do take Zzzquil, that you make sure you can get 7-8 hours of sleep. So, if you’re looking for a sleep aid that doesn’t make you feel worse the next day, and actually does what it says, then you should give Zzzquil a try. Sleep lovers unite!




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