Yay Olive Oil!

21 Feb

This year I have been attempting a lot of new things (see posts below about gymnastics!) and have included trying to eat healthier to that list.  It’s been a journey, mostly discovering that the food I was eating wasn’t really food, but food-like.  I wasn’t getting the nutrients my body needed, and despite my calorie counting I wasn’t losing any weight, gaining any muscle, or feeling any better.

After cutting out a lot of processed foods and added sugars, and incorporating more fruits, vegetables and organic foods into my diet, I am feeling so much better. I don’t feel as tired as I used to, I have more energy, and I’m not hungry all of the time.  I’m starting to listen to my  body and what it needs, instead of stuffing it full of “food” that it doesn’t.

I was super excited to get my first VoxBox from @Influenster (www.influenster.com – check out their website to become an Influenster and get cool stuff too!) which was the Filippo Berio Robusto Olive Oil.  Olive oil is a staple now in my kitchen because it is a healthy oil, and a great substitute for butter, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc.

I love grilled cheese and decided to brush my bread with the olive oil instead of frying in butter. I was amazed at how much better it tasted.  Sometimes I felt like my bread was soaked in the butter and it was all I could taste, but the Filippo Berio olive oil tasted amazing, and cooked faster and more even.

So if you’re looking for a good olive oil that is not out of your budget, I would definitely suggest the Filippo Berio brand.  And grill all the cheese you want!!



*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*


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