Mindfulnes and Gymnastics Part 2

20 Feb

Some of the most rewarding things in life are being able to do those things that you thought were lost to you forever. But really, the thing that was lacking wasn’t strength or size or muscle, but belief in myself and my abilities.  I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do my glide kip again, a very complicated gymnastics skill that took me several months as a 7 year old to learn.  I thought to myself that there was no way I’d have that kind of strength or stamina again, especially at my age.  The truth is, all I needed was the confidence in myself to just go for it.  And yes, for several months, that glide kip did not make it above the bar, but instead of being frustrated or down on myself, I decided to push myself.

I started doing 3-minute plank holds (not all at once!) to build up my ab muscles, and working out with the intention of building myself up for my kip.  All of those things were key, of course, but it was my very specific and basic intention that made the difference.  I would get my kip by the end of 2016.

Mindfulness gave me the confidence and self-love to pursue those things that I may not succeed at immediately.  I am human and I am fallible and that is a huge gift. And all those times I failed at the glide kip (and still do from time to time), I don’t get angry at myself, instead I reward myself for a job well done and an attempt worth made and move on to the next trick.

Also, it is very possible to do those things you never thought you could do again – go ride a bike, try a basketball league, paint a picture!  None of these things are lost to you, only hidden away, waiting for you to make them an intention again.


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