Mindfulness and Gymnastics

13 Feb

Recently I started getting back into gymnastics after having been a competitive gymnast in my younger days.  Gymnastics has always been a passion of mine, and being able to experience it again at my age is wonderful!

I started to think about how my passion for mindfulness and meditation plays into my passion for gymnastics and skill building.  I realized the two were perfectly aligned!  In gymnastics, you have to be in the present moment.  If you aren’t, there is not way you can do anything.  All of your being must be involved in exactly what is happening in that very moment.  Take a back handspring, for example.  If you find yourself being pulled into the past or present, that back handspring, becomes a back headspring.

And although there are moments of anxiety when attempting a new skill or doing something on my own for the first time, that anxiety provides me with a wonderful motivation to do it anyway.  There is a great saying, if it is both exciting and terrifying, you should absolutely do it.

Check out my back handspring below!  More videos and posts coming 🙂


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